A Survey of the Offensive and defensive in Industrial Control System

Kuan-Chu Lu, I-Hsien Liu, Jung-Shian Li


With the rapid development of the Industrial Internet of Things, the key infrastructure has been transformed from a closed system to an open one and has provided huge benefits, such as reliability, scalability and remote connectivity. But relatively, it also exposes the originally isolated security system to global cybersecurity threats, Therefore, when the ICS system is controlled remotely, a safe and secure method needs to be established, prevent hackers from attacking, and prevent the ICS system from malfunctioning or being invaded by malicious viruses when the ICS system is attacked, causing unprecedented economic losses in the country. In order to protect the country’s important economy and security, it is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the tools that can protect the security of the system, prevent attackers from invading the ICS system. This study will investigate tools and techniques to discover ICS system vulnerabilities or weaknesses, provide a comparison of different defense methods, and give security recommendations to protect the ICS system. 


Industrial Control System; Internet of Things; Industrial safety

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