A NPR System for Generating Floral Patterns based on L-System

Yu-Sheng Chen, Jie Shie, Lieu-Hen Chen


In history, the decorative pattern represents the design of art. The styles of decorative patterns are unique according to different countries and cultures. Because of the decorative floral pattern giving human an elegant and abundance impression, it is applied to many fields including product packaging, advertising or multimedia materials design.

In this paper, we simulate the plant growth to create the decorative floral patterns. One of plant growth simulation approach is L-System (Lindenmayer System). Due to plant growth information can be stored in the L-system grammar formats, the styles of decorative patterns can be controlled by production rules which users define. However , defining a complex L-system grammar structure by non-professional users is clearly a very difficult task. It requires expert with both botanic and programming knowledge to manipulate. Therefore, we propose a user-friendly CAD system for generating L- grammar based on a sketch-based interface. Users can draw arbitrary lines or curves on the canvas for automatically creating decorative floral patterns. In addition, we integrate the Simeco system with CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) for improving the inefficiency of modeling and simulating plants.


L-system; computer graphics; NPR; decorative pattern

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